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There are several restaurants in Orlando and the choice one makes depends on various factors, most of which are personal. There is no one best restaurant joint anywhere, but some eateries are simply not worth your attendance. It is important to look up restaurants, chefs, menus and even surroundings before you go to restaurant and referrals often come in handy. The K Restaurant in Orlando, FL is one of the most popular joints in the area for various reasons that range from modestly marvelous environment to delicacies from renowned experienced chefs. Here is a brief descriptive review of the restaurant just so you know what to expect when you decide to pay a visit.

Location, view and entrance

The K restaurant is hidden in the midst of a quiet environment within College Park neighborhood in Orlando. It is surrounded by shops, trees and old buildings that give way to its spacious gravel park and a large outdoor dining porch at the front door. Strung lights hang on trees behind the restaurant to light up a vegetable garden which is quite inspiring since you now know they use their own-grown supplies. The architecture is that of an old home, but it is perfectly renovated to give a residential charm that is unlike most noisy restaurants you find in town. The plan is quite spacious with less-formal style and pleasant décor that isn’t overdone. There is also additional seating in a room at the front of the restaurant. In general, the location is ideal for those who want a quiet dining obscure from the crowd and pollutions in town. The view is beautiful and you immediately feel at home the moment you step into the restaurant.

The service

As soon as you arrive at the K Restaurant, you will see a hostess waiting at the podium to welcome you in and direct you to the seating of your choice. The waiters have all been trained to offer the balanced care and service we need; neither too overbearing nor too distant, and always ready to serve you. The waiters also offer helpful tips and views regarding the day’s menu without being condescending or pretentious. They actually give their honest take and can help you quickly pick the dish that will elevate your moods. The service is simply the right mix and you won’t be intruded or left hanging. The waiters know exactly when to refill your wine glasses and clear used plates exactly how you would expect them to.

Menu variety

Perfect view and appropriate service may be attractive aspects of restaurant services; however, nothing is as important as the menu. If the food is not delicious or if there are no enough options to help you make a choice, then why should you even consider visiting the eatery? Orlando’s K Restaurant offers an elaborate menu comprising several options in appetizers, main course and desserts. They have signature menus for each as follows;

  • Appetizer – Green tomato (fried) with crab salad. They only use whole grain mustard for the salad and it is the perfect blend of soft and crunchy as well as hot and cold. This appetizer is quite flavorful although slightly sweet and also savory.
  • Main course – There are many options here including Lobster Mac & Cheese accompanied by cheese sauce and cherry tomatoes. The meal also includes Wagyu (beef) tri-tips and red wine sauce. Other main course dishes include deviled eggs, bbq shrimp, duck breast, Italian sausage ragout and pork belly roulade among others.
  • Dessert – Like the main course, there are several options including French toast pudding with mango and granola flavor, Brulee vanilla bean and berries, Pecan pie vanilla bean ice-cream, Pistachios and Rum cake among others.

There are many options you will find in the vibrant menu that contains recipes from different backgrounds to give you different choices for different days.

Final verdict

Although The K Restaurant is not necessarily the best in Orlando, it certainly offers exceptional experience. Those who love upscale homey gourmet service will find it irreplaceable and definitely make another trip to this secluded park neighborhood. The restaurant is laid back making it perfect for family lunch outings and also gets very romantic at night for dates. In terms of pricing, consider it reasonable especially since the cuisine depicts high quality. You will get value for your money and the experience is something you will soon crave.

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