Garage Door Armor Eases My Mind

I read somewhere that there are more than 8,000 home burglaries in the US daily and 2,000,000 home burglary reports yearly – this is bad news for those of us who are law-abiding homeowners. Incidentally, homes devoid of security systems are up to 300 percent more predisposed to be broken into.

With summer just around the corner, the above information came in handy seeing as this is when the highest occurrences are reported. Purchasing the Garage Door Armor unit in an effort to take action against my home being broken-into is one of the best decisions I have made this year. Many homeowners overlook just how effortless it is for a burglar to gain entry through their garage. Before taking a special interest in the statistics, I must admit that I was just as oblivious.

Many homeowners have all the entry points to their homes secured except the garage door. Doesn’t that just beat the purpose? I know, sometimes we don’t think about it until something happens. I thought about it every now and again for a while, and somehow couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling. No one willingly decides to put their family’s security in jeopardy, but I realized that if I continued to disregard those promptings – with a home burglary occurring every 15 seconds – perhaps some time down the road I would be saying, “I wish I would have done it then.” Gladly, it didn’t come to that.

Installing my Garage Door Armor puts my mind at ease given that it will definitely help me guard my garage from any intruders or even trespassers. I went for the “original unit”, which, apart from the obvious reason of safety, this beauty has a very short installation time. If you’re tool-challenged like me…hear this… you do not need any tools to install it! Wait for it…it gets even better – this unit has no need of maintenance! With all these advantages there was not a need for additional convincing – this is definitely an ideal way to secure my garage door.

As a homeowner, home security is something that I should not have to worry about. If I can do something about it – and I can – then I should. Garage Door Armor makes this step not only possible but also affordable. With my Garage Door Armor I am able to block burglars’ access to the ERS (Emergency Release System), previously, there was nothing to prevent them. It is unbelievable just how safe one feels with the Garage Door Armor in place. I live in one of the safer neighborhoods but how many times have we heard someone saying, “This type of thing never happens in our community”? Well, I decided that I’m better off safe than sorry. Installing the Garage Door Armor is a welcome addition to my regular home security system, which may not be sufficient to maintain the safety of my home. When it comes to home security, more rather than less sets a homeowner’s mind at ease – and Garage Door Armor does that.

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