A Look at the Popular Garage Door Styles that are Available Today

There are plenty of garage door styles to choose from if you are looking to purchase a new one today for your home. New garage doors are in demand, since they have been identified as one of the crucial and easiest ways in which you can raise the value of your home. With the way the real estate market is going right now, there is massive demand for people trying to raise the value of their homes. This means that garage door sales are bound to go over the roof as people rush to get the latest garage door styles installed into their homes.

Each home has a unique style and now garage doors are coming in a variety of different styles that complement the style of the home. The garage door is one of the most noticeable features of the home, and they are known to greatly enhance the curb appeal of a home, which is why particular attention has to be paid to the overall style of the garage door. A lot of people are now considering replacing their garage doors, rather than have them repaired, since it is an investment that pays off in the long run.

There are lots of different materials that are used in garage doors today and one of the most popular choices for many people these days are the wooden garage doors. Not only are they stylish but they offer a traditional look that complements the style of many homes. However, that is not the only style and material available in the market and that is why we are taking a look at the most popular garage door styles that are available today.

Traditional Doors

One of the most renowned garage door styles are the traditional doors, which are offered by all the leading manufacturers. These traditional doors are generally known to complement all American and European styled homes and the range of styles available are:

  • Colonial
  • Cape
  • Craftsman
  • Ranch
  • Victorian

You can easily find a great garage door style that matches with your home with traditional garage doors.

Carriage Doors

One of the most popular garage door styles out in the market today is the carriage-style garage door. They can complement almost any home and are extremely functional as well, which is why they are so popular amongst the masses. They are generally made to replicate the design of the old carriage house doors, but they look exceptional when they are placed in contemporary homes as well. The old-school carriage doors usually swung open, but the newer designs and models generally fold when they are opened, which gives them the look of a swing door. They remain to this day one of the most popular garage door styles today.

Raised-Panel Doors

This is another popular garage door style that you will commonly see installed in homes all across the United States. It is carriage style door but with raised panels and they are now considered to be the standard garage door style. They also offer a vast range of materials to choose from and when you consider the fact that these garage doors are the ones that are the ones that most people think about when installing a new garage door, you can definitely see their appeal.

Contemporary Doors

The modern garage doors are made to match the styling of homes that are both traditional and contemporary. These garage doors also offer green living, and are made with high-tech materials and clean lines, which make them highly popular. They are available in designs with tempered glass panels that are encased in aluminum frames.

So if you are currently in the market for new garage doors, it is important that you check out some of the most popular garage door styles that are available at Orlando Garage Door Pros today.

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